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Rear Valence bolts

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During my 6 year project, it seems I have misplaced the bolts for the rear valence panel on my 72 Chevelle. Can anyone tell me the size of bolts I need? Thanks!
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It dosen't say what size but here's the kit. Fastener Kit Rear Valance 4 Incl Hx Pp - #C-7833-106AK - National Parts Depot I think they were 5/16-18 on each end with the clips. There were 2 that hold the license frame bracket on also but I think they were a smaller size. Front or Rear License Plate Bracket Fastener Kit, 4-pc bolt kit - #C-12945-101K - National Parts Depot
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I added them in post #2. Also on the bottom of the bumper there were 4 or 6 rubber bumpers between the valance and the bumper but I don't think anyone repro's those.
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