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I have a few questions regarding the installing of the rear package tray. I recieved mine today from PUI and it has no instructions. It doesn't help that my car hasn't ever had one, since I've owned it.... Do the "flaps" on each end go up?? I'm assuming the do so the holes pick up the "earmuffs", is this correct? Also the material on the fwd. edge of the tray gets adhesive to the foam and folds all the way under the tray???? Does anyone know of a web sight with pictures (got to have pictures, can't live with out them :D ) Thanks for your assistance

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O.K. this is what you do.remove the rear seat
cush, then the backrest.also you asked about the
well then, you must remove the side channel
moulding,the vinyl/moulding that runs along
the side of the car (headliner).the piece that
(starts) at the rear shelf (package tray),
runs under the coat hooks, under the shoulder
belts to the front dash pillar.(YES)
the pannels on the sides (ABOVE) of the rear shelf
GOES (THE FLAPS ON THE SHELF).on the other side of the quarter pannels
never to se seen again!!!
not realy, it covers the exposed edge
from the shelf to the quarter pannels with out showing a gap. am i making sense by now?
GLUE the front flap now , to the sheet metal
where the rear seat backrest will go to .
(once the backrest goes back in , all you will see is a transition from (shelf to seat)
with a peice of vinyl! (and foam)
also remove screw that holds rear door pannel
from sheetmetal (you will see what i mean)
and tuck remaining mat. to the sheetmetal
(ONLY CUT THE FRONT FLAP) to allow the rear backrest back on to those curved hooks that it
was attached to.
Put back the EAR MUFFs (quarter pannels), then
the moulding that runs along the roof
the peices that run from front to rear,
then put back the rear seat assembly
thats it! AL

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I think I got it...So the material on the fwd edge gets glued to the metal behind the back rest of the seat.... Really appreciate you guidance with this...Thank you
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