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rear sway bar

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I put a nine inch under the chevelle and the new sway bar is too wide. I need the front to be 35 1/2 and the rear holes 37 1/2. The factory bar is 37 1/2 and 39 1/2. Anyone ran into this when doing a swap. May be what I get for putting a Ford part on a chevy.
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I know the G body sway bar is narrower. I'll go out to the garage and measure for you.
It is 38 1/4" and 41". Sure surprised me, I know the rear end width overall is a lot shorter I thought the sway bar would be as well.

Looks like there may be a 9" under the Nova too :D Nice car :thumbsup:
Got any more pics of it?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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