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Rear Suspension - SSM bars

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Thought I pick some brains here. Just put in my blown big block, which makes all kind of power, as you can imagine my suspension in the back is all over the place (hop, etc....)

I have read many post on this and in all honesty am more confused than before? (I guess fatigue was setting in last night) LOL

I keep reading about these SSM bars. Is that still the way to go these days? What about upper control arms is there something that will work well or compliment with the SSM bars as well? And front suspension, anything there I should do? QA1 Shocks seem to be the hot item.

I do want to car to hook nicely but would still like to have "some" street handling if you know what I mean. (oh - will the sway bar work the Jegster SSM's?)

And finally what tires would you guys recommend? 90% driven on the street, but a weekend or so at the track might happen ;)

Any enlightenment on this would be greatly appreciated – thanks everyone,

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I have a sway-bar with my SSMs, and honestly couldn't feel any difference after I installed it. The car handles good with them, but not "autocross" good.

My car is slow, but I can do massive burnouts without ANY wheel-hop whatsoever.

The question about what street-tires will hook is probably better asked in the Performance section, as a lot of the more serious drag-racers hang out there. A drag-radial is probably your best bet.
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