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Rear shoe brake adjuster on a 70SS

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Replaced the rear shoes on my 70 yesterday and when we went to adjust them we noticed the adjusting opening (slot)was on the brake drum and done from the front. My recollection when we (my brotherinlaw and me)did my 67 (all 4 drums)a few years ago this slot was on the backing plate. We put the tire on and spun it whilst we did the adjusting. This obviously cannot be done with the slot on the drum and adjusting from the front. Is this correct?? And what is the best way to do the adusting now?? Get it close and drive it in reverse and hammer on the brakes a few times and let the self adjusters do the work???

BTW...I am pretty much a rookie at doing (shoe) brakes but every time I look at all the pieces parts that go into that design, I have a hard time imagining somebody actually sitting down and designing this years ago and bringing it to their boss
and getting it approved. With the correct brake tools, it turned out to be a 5 scrape/cut job to do 2 brakes. If I would have had to do all 4 by myself I might have needed a transfusion


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