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Rear main seal leak BBC ?

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I may have a rear main seal leak on my fresh rebuilt BBC. Damn, only 450 miles on it. Everything is dry up on top, everything. Had the car on a lift running and nothing, no leak, drive around and she starts to drip at the flywheel inspection cover. Anyone try a quick fix like Bars Leak LOL. :D
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Big Chevys are bad about leaking between the main cap and the block. The machined surface can often have quite a few tool marks, and oil can find it's way by. Most builders place a small amount of sealant, such as Permatex, on the face to cure this.

I never liked using silicone there, as it will not displace like # 2 or #3 aviation Permatex.

Also, with the two piece seal, always put a dab of gasket making silicone on the face of the split, as it can leak there as well.

Of course, to do either of these, you have to drop the pan.
So this means at least lifting the motor high enough to drop the pan yes?Sorry for the high jack
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