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When my '67 SS was restored, the new exhaust was routed very close to the rear tires (70R14/255).

I have new Mickey Thompson 8", 50R15/295's and there's no way they'll fit without cutting the very rear of the exhaust pipes on both sides and moving them inward. I knew that before buying the wheels/tires, but now that my back is healing from surgery, it's time to finally get them installed.

Question... how close is too close (if there is such a thing) for the exhaust to be near the gas tank? I'm probably being paranoid but thought I'd ask anyway.


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I have M/T Sportsman S/R # 6641 Tires 28'' x 12''R x 15''LT Tread Width 10.4"/ Section Width 12.1"/Dia 28"

On the rear of my car mounted to CRAGAR Chrome 391 # 3915834 Wheels 15"x 8" BS 4.25” BC 5x4 ¾”

No problems with them too close to the Exhaust
that runs along the Outside of the Frame at/near the Gas Tank
which is located in the stock location on the Inside of the Frame
so the Frame acts as a shield between the Exhaust Piping and the Gas Tank

If I would want to put 10" Wide Wheels on the car then I would have to adjust the Exhaust piping .
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