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rear end ratio

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Can you figure out the ratio buy spinning drive shaft by hand and counting times rear tire turns around. I tryed and got drive shaft one revolution and 1.25 on the tire. Maybe i did something wrong it is in 1971 malibu build sheet says it has a 2.56 rear end.
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When I did this, I got the same result. 1-1/4 turns. There is something about having an open carrier (non posi) that makes it to where you have to double the rotations to get the ratio. With that being stated, 1.25 x 2 + = 2.50, which is really close to 2.56.

Looks good to me. Well, as good as having a 2.56 open gear can be.

I want mine changed out so bad, but it isn't a cheap undertaking. :noway:
Yeah, you'd be better off with a set of 3 series gears, like 3.42s or 3.55s, maybe even 3.73s:thumbsup:

This is an awesome tool, plug in some numbers and play with this, it is pretty self-explanatory.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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