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Hey all. Finally diving in on the 68 project car, and would like some advice.
I have picked up a 12 bolt, non posi, I want to convert to posi. From what I have gathered, it was originally in a 71 Chevelle.
The # is 3969278 with GM3 (3 series carrier ?) stamped on the center housing, as well as either a 9N or DN ( got to finish cleaning it up ). Also has an F24, with KD K217 on axle tube.
It will be connected to a freshly rebuilt TH400 with B&M shift kit. 396 BB for power. Already picked up a Strange Engineering drive shaft.

Any advice on gearing I should look into ? Or better yet, what would work best with my setup ? (Street car, but maybe an occassional run on the strip )
Should I do C clip eliminator kit ? Axles ? ( Moser ? )

Any and all suggestions and/or advice appreciated. :thumbsup:

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3.31's are a good all around gear. I would not worry about C clip eliminators. From what I understand they leak a lot so they aren't ideal for street cruises. Unless you are planning on running in the 10's they arent required.
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