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I just got my 69 2dr sedan interior back together, (it was ALL in the trunk when I bought this car), but seem to have 2 missing pieces.(?)
I think there should be trim that runs down from the front bottom corner of the rear window down the door opening, and slips under the sill plate.
Am I correct? Anyone have pics of what I should be shopping for at the next swap meet?
Thanks in advance...

1969 Chevelle 2dr. project in progress.
Can't wait to drive it!

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The trim pieces you are referring to are called "Door Jamb Wind Lace" Check out our sponor, Ground Up for about $18.00 part no.#IJW-968 or OPG for about the same price. These parts are brand new repro's. Hardly worth scrounging for originals unless you are going 100% original.


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