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real fire.

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This is what the Roxy Ann hill looked like this afternoon. You can see one of the borate bombers dropping it's load on the fire. So far, no homes have been destroyed but certainly many were threatened.

Another fire south of Ashland that is still out of control. I'll be interested in seeing what the fire guys think started it all.


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It is the view from work looking basically south east. I have heard that it is arson... started with a firecracker. We also had the fire in the Ashland area and it is reported that a UPS driver found a firecracker in the middle of the highway headed out of Jacksonville... all pretty heavily forested areas.

From my house I see the other side of the hill - no structures burned or injuries, thank goodness.
"I met my thrill..... on Roxy Ann Hill.... " (Song from the 50's...)
Roxy Ann Hill is Hot, baby!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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