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Re-wired my Elky w/ a painless kit this weekend...

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And it really was pretty much "painless" I also upgraded to a powermaster 140 amp alternator, as I plan on running several electric loads.

I wired the car up with an 18 circuit kit, and if anyone else is planning on doing this, and needs help or advice, please don't hesitate to drop me a note.

I also installed headlight relays, one running all 4 low beams, and one running all 4 high beams. Those lights are SUPER bright now, I love it.

I also converted to all electric senders on my gauges, and used the gauge harness from painless. Pretty trick, and it looks great as well.
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I paid 279 plus handling for the kit from Summit. I also bought a new ignition switch, wiper switch, and a courtesy light kit, but those aren't needed. The relays and bases ran me 10 bucks each, and then the fuses and blocks for them ran about another 3 each. I did buy some extra wire and a ton of other connectors, as the ones supplied by painless seemed to be a little on the short side numbers wise. I think all in all for everything, I have about 400 bucks into the re-wire. That's including the gauge harness, which was like another 40.

It was totally worth it though, as my electrical system runs like a late model car now - which is good, because this is my daily. I also plan on adding power windows and locks, and the painless kit already has that wired up. Same thing with the AC compressor, and all the heating / cooling controls. Plus, it has the newer style fuses, and it looks a lot cleaner than the original wiring harness.

And, if you guys need any help with it, give me a ring at 619-807-8633. I'd be more than happy to help you guys.
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No kidding? You got a DEAL! Right on man, let me know if you have any problems wiring the thing up too.
I don't think so - but I didn't go over it wire by wire to check out the actual wire gauge vs. what the instructions said. It could have - I just didn't notice. When I was wiring it up, I just looked to make sure that the size of the wire was relatively correct for whatever I was landing - i.e. the ignition wiring is larger than the instrument light wiring.

Overall - I'm extremely happy with this kit.
Oh geez - sorry I missed that, yeah, it would make it much easier if you removed the dash bezel - I wouldn't take the whole dash itself off of the firewall. I didn't. I did take the seat out though so I could maneuver inside the car easier. If you'd like, you can check out :

Pictures of Painless Wiring Kit install

There's some pictures and stuff of the whole deal. I'm almost done tucking everything away in the engine compartment, and when I am, I'll snap a few shots of that and post them too. Overall, I am super happy with the way it came out.
It's actually not that bad. Looks like a lot - but there's not that many.
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