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Rare Build Sheet with ?customer's name?

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I found the build sheet for my 1972 GMC Sprint 350-4bbl indicating it came with the rare YE7 GMC Sport Equip or “SP” option (aka SS in chevy terms). Another interesting thing is that a name is printed below all the option codes. Could this be the owner that ordered the vehicle? I've seen a few other samples of build sheets on-line here that just say “XXX CUSTOMER ORDER”. Any original owners out there with their name on the build sheet? I'm not certain but I believe a good percentage of the mere 998 SP's for the 71-72 model years were custom ordered. So if this is the owner that ordered the car/truck I might have found his phone number in proximity of the dealership. Since this vehicle is one of an estimated 258 I might have to call him, swap stories and see if I can get some vintage photos perhaps right off the showroom. I may have to prepare a "no it's not for sale" speech first.
Also the first letter of the dealership’s name was cutoff so I was hoping someone might be able to assist me in filling in the blank or blanks. Based on an address search I believe this dealership has since been converted over to the dark know the one that displays the oval shaped logo. Thanks.

“?” 130TH & Aurora

Possibly LILLAS???
Since I am familiar with the Seattle area I'm almost certain the missing charter in the address is “N”

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Call the guy on the build sheet and he should be able to tell you the dealer name even if he was not the buyer since he was in some way connected to the dealer ship as either a customer, the salesman who placed the order, or the owner of the dealership.
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