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Rare Build Sheet with ?customer's name?

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I found the build sheet for my 1972 GMC Sprint 350-4bbl indicating it came with the rare YE7 GMC Sport Equip or “SP” option (aka SS in chevy terms). Another interesting thing is that a name is printed below all the option codes. Could this be the owner that ordered the vehicle? I've seen a few other samples of build sheets on-line here that just say “XXX CUSTOMER ORDER”. Any original owners out there with their name on the build sheet? I'm not certain but I believe a good percentage of the mere 998 SP's for the 71-72 model years were custom ordered. So if this is the owner that ordered the car/truck I might have found his phone number in proximity of the dealership. Since this vehicle is one of an estimated 258 I might have to call him, swap stories and see if I can get some vintage photos perhaps right off the showroom. I may have to prepare a "no it's not for sale" speech first.
Also the first letter of the dealership’s name was cutoff so I was hoping someone might be able to assist me in filling in the blank or blanks. Based on an address search I believe this dealership has since been converted over to the dark know the one that displays the oval shaped logo. Thanks.

“?” 130TH & Aurora

Possibly LILLAS???
Since I am familiar with the Seattle area I'm almost certain the missing charter in the address is “N”

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