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Hi, remember me? You were gonna send me a template for my dash. I dont know whether you ever did or not, but I havent gotten it. Just thought I'd remind you. I dont know how else to get ahold of you.
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Ok, well, I dont have your email anymore. So email me at [email protected], and I will send it to you AGAIN!!!!!!!

Maybe I should just fly out there and get it...
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That's awesome to the MAX.
Im a lil strange....

Anyways, yeah, I got your email and replied before I checked this. So I thought you still didnt know who I was. Anyway, thanks again.
LoL, ok, I'll let you know.
Alright, I just got home from work and guess what. Its here! Happy times are here at last. What would you recommend using to make it out of?

And why dont you just patent it, and start mass producing? Or, well not MASS produce, but you know what I mean. Im sure you could make quite a bit off this template.

Also, if I decided to go with bigger gauges, would I just fill in the little cut out parts on the bottom if I removed the idiot lights?

I know its been said before, by someone on here.... but just because theres idiot lights doesnt mean Ill stop being an idiot.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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