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rambling when i accelerate???

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hows it going whomever trys to help,... ive got a 69 chevelle witha 307, the original two barrel, so aside from the question ive got if anyone else has a 69 try and stay in touch so that you can give me tips on how to fix it up myself, something cheap but good and effective is always cool. alright very simple like, every time i accelerate too rapidly i get a rambling sound resembling like something being kicked around inside, but it doesnt do it when out of gear, ,,. torque converter? flywheel? everything looks nice and snug and ****...
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Rambling? Can you explain the noise better? Is it pinging? Rambling is what my girlfriend does, so if its doing that you should sell it! ;)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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