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I have the dual ford windstar fan setup in my car. I have the ground for the relays going through a switch on my dash. My stereo is a kenwood cd player using the in windshield antena.

When I turn the fans on, my radio picks up interferance on the FM signal. Is there any way to prevent this?

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This is probably caused by the commutator switching (brushes moving from copper bar to copper bar) in the motor.

Put a capacitor between the power terminals at the fan. The value isn't real important. Probably an electrolytic in the 10uF range would work.

You could also just use a condenser from a points distributor. Just connect the wire to the +ve fan terminal and mount the case so it is grounded. These things protect against points switching noise which is much the same thing.


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Your fan is introducing noise into your "system" but it won't affect anything.. other than your radio

The above mentioned "noise filter" can be purchased at Wal-mart. do you have those?
I have one between my fuse box and my radio (supply wire of course).

What it consists of is a capacitor and an inductor. a little 1" cubed box, about $10. I run race plugs (more feed back) and it takes care of that noise too.

-when I first bought my car the radio picked up noise from the ALT. so I had a high pitch "whirring" porportional to RPM. with the radio turned up on and on "aux" (nothing), it sounded like a blower
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