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this is a cutlass, but i thought somewone might know...
to put in a cd, do i only have to cut the radio surround or does the metal dash have to be cut (in others words, how easy would it be to go back to a stock radio later if i got a new surround and where do you get them?).
how well do the 3.5" replacements up front in place of the dash factory speaker sound ?, would i be better off buying a better grade of 3.5" or 4" speakers and fabbing up my own dash plate?
will 4" speakers fit in an air car?
i was thinking about just putting some speakers under the front seats (6x9's?) as an easy way out. anybody know how the under the seat set up would sound?
i'm on a very low budget and don't care about amps or subwoofers. any recommondations on speaker brands?
i was thinking about using a pioneer cd, think the deh-p3500 would be my choice.
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