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Radio Guru needed

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I have been trying to find a Delco power plug and harness for a 1972 Chevelle with an AM/8 track stereo in it. I have been watching e-bay and searching on google for about a month, with no luck.
I have e-mailed at least 50 companies they all say the same thing-we don't have that plug. What is so special about the plug? I have been told it's called a 9 pin plug, I don't really know.
Looking at the back of the radio I see two rows of what I call male connectors or studs. Top row is 5 wide and bottom row is 4 wide.
I have owned this car for approx 17 year, and the radio came with it, but has never been hooked up. I have all four 10ohm speakers, but no power plug and harness.
Any help or direction as to where I can find what I need would be greatly appreciated.
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Thanks for the reply, I will give them a call on Monday and order it.
Thanks again/fatrat
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