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Rad Support Bushings and washers?

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Okay this seems really simple but... What washer goes where from the kit...?
I got this kit for the rad support for a 68 Chevelle. Has anyone used one similar?
It has all that I should need. But looking at the assembly manual there seems to be a couple of things missing and different. Figures right?

So this pic shows the manual's photo of how it should go together, in which order Etc.

I am not sure what a SPL. Washer is...It is the large one
This is what came in the kit and I set it up as I though it should be installed....?

What I am not sure about is the two vastly different washers provided.
The top rubber bushing has a metal top on it but I saw the manual says it should be a washer on top and so I put the smaller yet way thicker washer on the bottom thinking it should go in the frame for an easier fit?

Should it be the other way round with the smaller yet thicker one being on top and the wider larger on in the frame?

Or should I toss this and go with another Larger washer that was not provided but that I bought many years ago from GM for the car.

I know it seems trivial but with parts not being in the kit IE the But Spr. Thinking means Nut Spring to hold the bolt in top assembly...?
Guess I want to do things correctly and once not install and remove...
Thanks Guys and Gal for any help...
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Mine is exactly in the order you show top to bottom. Bolt, big washer with rubber bushing, core support brace, lower bushing with metal sleeve, shims ( I didn't have a retaining clip), frame, smaller large washer, lock washer and nut. Shims are added as needed . One thing you need to understand the AIM in 68 has a lot of mistakes and relying on it is often wrong. For example if you look at the C60 AC section B1 you will see a 3 bolt top plate. Sorry nope they all had HD cooling with AC and a 4 bolt top plate. I see a non HD shroud, a 396 HD shroud and a SBC HD shroud but to the best on my knowledge the BB ad SBC with AC were the same. As far as the washers I had extra large washers left over and used large top and bottom but that was just me. However the bigger washers on the bottom will bend due the the frame overlaps in that area so the smaller thicker will help eliminate that situation.
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