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I'm about ready to install my new inner fender on the passenger side, but before I do...

The car came with an AM radio so there is a capacitor on the ignition coil and the voltage regulator for noise supression. BUT, I want to put a factory AM/FM radio in the car. FM equipped vehicles got a capacitor installed in-line with the A/C blower motor.
Do I really need this blower motor capacitor, in other words will have issues with static noise on FM? If it is an issue, does anyone know the value of the capacitor--I'll install my own, how many microfarads (uF) is it??

I want to know before the inner fender goes back on as it makes it hard to get access to the motor power connections.

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You won't need it so much for FM as you would for AM. Amplitude Modulation picks up all the noise so you are installing an RF bypass (shunt) to ground. A .01 mFd cap with a Vb of 15-20 Volt (Voltage breakdown rating) is perfect for that. The high frequencies generated by motors and alternators will pass right though the small value caps to ground.

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