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Question regarding pro systems......

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Can the guys at pro systems rework my exsisting carb or do they only work on there own carbs? Reason I'm asking is because I have two 4150 carbs that were setup by C&J engineering in Whittier, Ca for my old blown BBC and I would like to reconfigure one to use on a N/A BBC motor since I have them laying around...............I figured I could save a few bucks instead of buying a new one. Can this be done?

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give patrick a call he will do any custom work you need im sure . i have seen in the past other TC members that have sent carbs to patrick i have one of his dominators and i have to say he knows his stuff . from this day forward i will buy all my carbs from him . try talking to mike lewis TC member wolfplace im sure he can help you get a deal from prosystems should you decide you want a new carb instead of fixing your old one.
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