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question of value for rear diff experts

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got a little surprise this past week. purchased what were supposed to be a new unused 3.55 richmond set for a 12 bolt chevy. when I opened the box the gearset appears to be unused, but with 1967 dated GM 3.55 gears. part numbers pinion:3853008 dated 8/67 11-39-GM, and ring : GM 3853010 11:39 dated 9/67. Now I know what a new rich gearset goes for, but these appear to be never used NOS GM 3.55's. I still have every intention of installing them in my velle after I come up with a posi for it, but am just a little curious what they might be worth. Any input would be appreciated, and thanks in advance Jason.
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I sold a set of NOS 3.31 gears about a year ago for $275. I probably could have got more for them. Are you sure that they are dated a month apart? Could you be reading the number wrong? I guess one could have been cut on the last day of Aug. and the other on the first day of Sep.
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