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question of value for rear diff experts

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got a little surprise this past week. purchased what were supposed to be a new unused 3.55 richmond set for a 12 bolt chevy. when I opened the box the gearset appears to be unused, but with 1967 dated GM 3.55 gears. part numbers pinion:3853008 dated 8/67 11-39-GM, and ring : GM 3853010 11:39 dated 9/67. Now I know what a new rich gearset goes for, but these appear to be never used NOS GM 3.55's. I still have every intention of installing them in my velle after I come up with a posi for it, but am just a little curious what they might be worth. Any input would be appreciated, and thanks in advance Jason.
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big gear head said:
I sold a set of NOS 3.31 gears about a year ago for $275. I probably could have got more for them. Are you sure that they are dated a month apart? Could you be reading the number wrong? I guess one could have been cut on the last day of Aug. and the other on the first day of Sep.
That is my guess too, Freddie. Cant see too many of these around with a 67 date that look like they were just cast unless they came together as a set. Thanks for your input. the pinion actually says 67 8 then part number unless the 8 is a component of the part number as there is a dash after it. I didnt think so because there is a good deal of space between the 8 and the dash immediatedly followed by 3853008? like this
67 8________-3853008-11-39-GM- What do you think? Jason.
the underline only represent space not broaching as the forums dont support spaces greater than 2
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