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Quadrajet Tuning

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I was tuning my Quadrajet.....ran the idle mixture screws all the way in and started backing them out a quarter turn at a time on each side I got the highest vacuum reading at only one turn out, does that make sense? One turn out meaning a full 360 revolution of the screw.
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that's a little unusual for a Q. Is it an early carb, from the 60's?
somebody may have drilled out the idle feed restrictions or something. normally I expect at least 3 turns on Q's.
yeah, but if somebody drilled the idle feeds that big there may be an issue with the idle air bleeds being too small in comparison.

That will sometimes affect idle quality, like dieing going into gear. But, if it runs and idles good your good to go.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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