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I have a friend that picked up a carb to rebuild.

What I know so far:

---------------- 17059216 ----------------
* 170 (means after 1976)
* 59 (means 1979)
* 216 (is the Emissions, Division and Transmission)
**2 is for 49-state Emissions
**Division. 0, 1 and 2 are Chevy
**Transmission. Even numbers are automatic trans
Make & year Chevrolet, 1979
Displacement/cylinders 350/8
Carb number 17059216
Primary jet & rod combo NA / NA
Secondary jet & rod combo 0,135" / NA
Idle feed NA
Fuel inlet valve 0,135"

What does the raised code below it mean?
--------- 0685 CMA ----------

Is it the 068th day of 1975? What is "CMA"?
What is the CFM?
Can I tell what type of car it came off (model wise)?


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If I'm not mistaken, it's a 750 "style" carb. As the secondaries don't open all the way, (I've got one of these at home) the actual CFM rating is less. I've seen sources that list that carb for everything from Elcamino to base Corvette. The "CMA" represents an assembly plant. As for the "0685," I'd say that it's a service replacement carb that was built the 68th day of 1985.


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Not sure if this will help.
First three=Q-jet
4th. #=== year
5th==49 state approved
6th---------------------0 1 2 Chev
3 Caddy
4 Buick
5 Olds
6-7 Pontiac
7th-- Even-Auto Odd--Manual

70 LS-5 M-22---------Carb. is a 7040205

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I was mistaken about the "CMA." It's a "customer code" whatever that means.

My 17059216 is stamped with a date code of 0969, meaning that it was build the 96th day of 1979. If the last digit of your date code is a "5" then it could only be a service carb built after 1979 - likely 1985. A dead give-away would be torx screws.

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