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Put my Magnaflow 15894 system on today.

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Well after going back and forth I settled on the Magnaflow 15894 exhaust system for my 396 SS. Had it installed today and its sweet! Even put the SS bowtie tips on. As expected the system is not too loud at idle but barks when hit and 0 drone. Wish I could post video but not tech savy. Had it installed at a shop and it did require some modification as expected. Looks as good as it sounds!
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I have my 2nd 3" kit on my 72 (other was on 67). I can tell you they get even better when you get 1500 miles on them. They change a few db DOWN Nd the pitch changes quiet a bit I found.

The 3" is a bit loud. But I absolutely love the overall sound compares to other kits. I am putting 2.5 over axle and tips on it next year. But I also have 3 dumps that I drop on from time to time. Just to stop the wife from joining.

The loud pedal works!

And that magnaflow kit in my opinion is the ONLY kit that I could recommend and know you will love it. If used them on everything From 300hp to 600hp sbc/BBC and 1200hp street legal turbo cars.
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