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What is you favorite pushrod brand and who has pushrods that i can cut to the right lenght after the cam installation? It`s 5/16" size.

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I just went thru this process last week. I bought two length-checking pushrods from Comp Cams...basically this is a fake pushrod that acts as a precision length gauge as its opened & closed. In the closed position, it's a determined length like 8.800" for example. Each revolution of the adjustment end equals .050". By installing the tool into position and using light tension checking springs, I can watch the roller tip on my rocker arms for the correct travel path accross the valve stem at base circle, mid lift and max lift. I started at stock BBC length, made adjustments till seeing the best contact pattern, then removed the tool and verified its length. I ordered the pushrods from Jeggie's and are awaiting delivery. This process, of course, assumes a one-piece pushrod which is an exact fit. Making your own is another story.
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