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Pushrod Length Opinion

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Need an opinion on pushrod length. I got the Crower 0.090" backset rockers to fix my pushrod length issue on my Dart heads with +0.250" long intake valves. I used the Jim Miller method for setting pushrod length.
The first picture (0400) is with a 8.780" pushrod. The net lift was 0.661". The wear pattern is narrow and nicely centered, however at half lift the rocker trunnion centerline was a little high relative to the roller tip centerline.
The second picture (0401) is with a 8.700" pushrod. The net lift was 0.662". The wear pattern is a little toward the intake side but at half lift the trunnion centerline and roller tip centerline looked perfectly inline and 90 degrees perpendicular to the valve stem.
I'm using Comp Cams Hi Tech pushrods. They don't list a size between 8.700" and 8.780" in their catalog. They are going to swap out my existing 8.425" pushrods for the new ones. Which size should I get?


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As long as the roller tip contact is in the center third of the valve you're good to go.
I'm assuming it doesn't matter if its inboard or outboard long as its within the center third, correct?
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