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Pump To Carb Fuel Line LM-1

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I'm having a very hard time finding a one piece pump to carb fuel line THAT FITS for my '69 255 hp 350 LM-1 (350 4 bbl). I got one few years ago that fit good but had to cut it to temporarily install a fuel pressure gauge and can't remember where the line came from. I've tried all the tube bending places I can think of and I have the 4th fuel line that also didn't fit. After working on it with bending and tweaking for 3 hours I finally got it to fit but then the poorly made flare fittings leaked at both ends. I gave up and put the old line back on with its rubber hose section. It has the stock intake, carb, fuel pump, etc.
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National Parts Depot (NPD) sells them for all years & engines..
Thanks I know that but all the parts vendors get their lines from a few tube benders. Are there any others besides Inline Tube, Classic Tube, and Right Stuff? Some of them don't even have a listing for my application.
Inline Tube makes a very nice piece in steel as well as stainless,
Andy you have a PM. Don't want to vendor bash.
I don't know if this will help, but I had a problem with my rear brake lines. The Right Stuff said if I would send them the lines they would bend new ones just like the old ones, and they did a great job. Maybe you could call them and send your old line to them and they could fab one up for you.
Inline Tube offered to do that too, but some of the bends on mine were replaced with rubber hose to temporarily install a pressure gauge.
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