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pulley ID please

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I was given a set of crank pulleys that were said to be BBC with power steering and short water pump, would someone with a parts cd or book verify the application for me please. 375232BB, and 3744043BA. Thanks in advance. Jason.
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Dale McIntosh said:
3774043 I show listed for 66-67 Chevelle w/A.I.R. (396), (exc. El Camino, C.A.C.) and 68 Chevy (396). Pulley (double 6 5/8" O.D. stamped 3774043)

Don't find the other number...yet. Dinner time so I have to quit searching for a bit.:)
thanks much Dale, upon further investigation the outer "sandwiched" or add on pulley is 3751232BB the 1 is masked by a pit. question, I saw a set of these same pulleys on epay, and the seller has them advertised as all small block including L79. Could you also verify that the outer pulley is a big block application as well for swp. Last question, if you don't mind, your time is greatly appreciated. Could I use these with all narrow groove pulleys in a generator, power steering (remote reservoir), air conditioned setup without issue on my 961 big block. Thanks again in advance jason.
I honestly know the answer is yes, but am really tired of throwing fuel on the fire, and would just like to get an expert opinion, to justify purchasing the remaining components.
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