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ProSystems HP1000 E85 Professionally Tuned Carb

This ProSystems HP1000 E85 carb was originally built by the company. I then paid to have it tuned on a different dyno. To get even more out of it I then paid Eric Neifert of Horsepower Innovations to tune it both on the dyno and at the track. This carb fires up immediately and doesn't miss a beat! The carb has been taken apart and wiped down with WD40 to protect from corrosion while not in use. It has been off the car for about 2 months now. I no longer need the carb because I am going from Big Block to LS1's.

You will never find an E85 carb that runs this good for a fraction of the cost. I have all the dyno sheets to go with the carb.

Can pay via Pay Pal [email protected]

Asking Price: $750.00
Condition: Excellent

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