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Proportionally pleasing front tire size to go with 275/60-15 rears

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The pics in my signature show my current tires, 225/70-15 up front and 275/60-15 on the back. I think it looks "right". I bought some ET Street radials for some better traction, and they don't have raised white letters. That's OK with me, time for a change anyway. But what do I put on the front that's blackwall?

I don't want to turn the T/A's around to put the white letters on the insde. I don't like the look, and don't want to continually mark them out. But I can't find another 225/70-15 with double blackwalls to to put on in their place. Well, I found some Kumhos and some other Aisian sounding brands, but that doesn't "feel" right with the car.

So, what about dropping down to a 215-70-15, there's lots of those. But the diameter is going to be half an inch shorter @ 26.9", compared to the rears @ 28". I don't want to be going down in diameter too much, I used to have 235/60-15's and didn't like those. Rats, I hate stuff like this!

Do we think that the 215/70-15s will look OK enough?
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Thanks for taking the time to post the pics and your observations. The pics are a little small, but I think I am catching it.

I had 235/60-15's, they are 26.1" and with the 275/60's at 28", I thought it looked a bit unbalanced for my tastes. The 215/70's are somewhere in the middle.

I dunno, which would be worse, a size that bugs me or a name that bugs me??? Like Falken Sincera... sounds like a combination Halloween+Valentines card.
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