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So my car doesn't have some cool name. But I figured you guys would still like to see a few pictures of it.

Here's my car last September...right after I got it all back together from paint. All new interior and such. This is just to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Fast forward a few months...burnt exhaust valve. So I pulled the engine. While it was out, ordered up some SPC control arms and ball joints. Then ended up buying all new steering, wiring, and a Vintage Air kit. I also have a 6 speed that's going in there too.

Right now I'm in the middle of doing some fabrication....smoothing out the firewall, and cleaning up the frame rails and such. Just some minor stuff to help keep that clean look I have going on. These are as of tonight, 8-10-09. I just got my firewall piece tack welded into place.

So nothing too terribly crazy....but I'll keep ya'll posted of my progress. :)
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what engine are you putting in? your car looks sick
Great looking car. I love how low it sits. Do you have normal springs or air ride? Keep us posted!

I have an airbag set up on this car. :)
Hey Chris, glad you posted and are making progress. I love the stance and wanted to get mine that low, but wasn't sure it was possible being I'm running Hooker Comps and they hang low. What type of headers are you running? Being I'm doing a similar setup, I wondered what type of accessory system you went with as I see you have a power steering pump setup w/o the remote reservoir like a natural BB setup would have. Are you using a long or short water pump? I've seen pics of the long water pump setup so you can run the alternator on the passenger side, but I'm concerned with the radiator/fan clearance with the long pump. Are you changing any of the accessory brackets or going with a March setup? I would love to see a picture of what you went with if at all possible.
your car is amazing, it seriously is inspiration for my 66! and i am guilty, i stole a pic from this forum to use as wallpaper on my computer at work. that car is a work of art!!!! love the color and rims too.:thumbsup:

I run the Hooker Super Comp headers...they do hang a little below the front cross member. Not by a ton though. My 454 did have the long water pump and the later style bracketry for that...however I'm switching it to a short pump so I can run a clutch fan and fan shroud with it. I'm still working on all the new brackets and pulleys for the short water pump set up, but I'm pretty sure I got it figured out. I'll be sure to post up pics of what I ended up doing.

Thanks! Feel free to use any pictures of mine as wallpaper. :)
Great looking car Tim. Firewall looks awesome all smoothed out.:beers:
Continuing to clean up an already clean looking car. Can't say enough about it.:thumbsup:
i still consider this one of my favorite top 3 66's. i happen to like that it's not terribly too clean. a little rough around the edges makes it a great driver.

sometimes i get put off by having such a clean car (been there done that) on my 70 and I was stressed out everywhere I drove it.

looking good!!! i'd really like to see your bag setup one day. especially with the SPC arms.
Hey RYU,

Well when I say "clean" I don't necessarily mean dirty scrubbed clean...I mean subtle touches to clean things up. Like no emblems, no antenna, and just a "clean" look to it. But yes, it's still a driver. I didn't pay 20K for the paint job, so if it does get a little ding from driving it, I'll be upset, but not 20K upset.

I have to admit I've been following along your build too. I was checking out how the SPC arms looked on your car before I bought the ones on mine. Where are you located in Southern Cali? Maybe we could meet up someday and check out each others cars.

That's so funny you mention a meetup. Another member just hit me up this morning for a visit to compare notes.

We'll setup a time soon! Maybe you guys can help me put my front end body work back into place. hint hint... haha!

I'm in San Gabriel... he's in Pico Rivera. I believe you're not too far away either.
Tim - Thank you for your response! I'm glad to know we are running almost same headers and you don't seem to be having issues with ground clearance. I installed an aftermarket cross member which is clearanced for the exhaust so I can really tuck it up close to the floorboards. I finally have this weekend to take my car off the stands to see how it's going to look with my suspension setup. Also, I'm going to be going with an Alumitech setup and it does look like the long pump like you have/had will work. Thanks for keeping us updated on your project!!!

I still gotta put mine back together too!!! haha but we'll see. I was thinking about meeting up once we both get done. I won't be done for another month or two I suppose. But if you need a hand, feel free to shoot me a message. Oh and I'm about an hour or so from you.


The headers do hang sorta low. When I let the air out of the bags in the front, the headers hit the ground before that cross member. So if you're running a aftermarket cross member that will gain you more ground clearance, you might want to consider different headers that will allow you to gain that ground clearance. Of course, then you'd need to raise the engine up however much too because the oil pan would then be the lowest part down there. It's sort of a snowball effect.
I put an Alumitech radiator and fan set up in my 67 perfectly, looked awesome, and worked flawlessly. I'd like to do that on my Chevelle someday when I can afford it. Right now I'm just going to run my brass 4 core and hope it keeps it cool.
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I'm kinda stuck at this point with the headers as I wrapped them already and they're in. I thought about modifying the collector ring so it doesn't drag so we'll see how it goes. I'm going to be running 850lb springs w/adjusters and Bilsteins so I don't think it's going to bounce like when I had the small block. If it turns out to be really bad, I'll start over with Lemmons as many of the 66/67 people on this board say they are clearanced better. I should have done more research before I bought 'em, but you live and learn. Thanks again!

Hey Tim,

When you get it all put together and installed, I'd love to see some pictures of what you did. I would also love a tad more ground someday I guess I should buy a set of Lemon headers.
Hey Bad, what are the specs on your wheels?
Specs: Round. :)

They are American Racing CL205's

Front: 18x8 265/35/ZR18 Nitto NT555's 4.25" BS
Rear: 20x8 285/30/ZR20 Nitto NT555's 4" BS
I will be posting pics here pretty soon as I'm almost done. Well, I say I'm almost done, but something always seems to come up. I'm now trying to figure out the wheel/tire combination to go with as well as finishing the exhaust. It's going to be a long 2-3 months 'til it's back on the road...

Shoot me a PM with your e-mail. I have something that might help with your wheel/tire combo.

I know I have ALOT of work left...but I'm hoping that within a month and a half I will have mine back up and running. There is a small Chevelle show in Riverside that I'm signed up for the first weekend of November. That's my absolute deadline! As long as school doesn't get into my way (I'm a full time college student), I should be good to go.
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