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Progress Report W/pics

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Pulled motor and built stand

One of my donar rockers from a $58 ebay shell

All cleaned up(2.5 hours later)

Pulled rear window and found a lot of filler. At least the front is done!

Cross braced floors

Off the frame!!!!!!!!!!:hurray:

Getting ready for frame swap

Going to make up frame and body dollies tomorrow and shorten the rear of the frame a few inches(GTO frame). Then on to the rockers and floor.
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You do nice work! Impressive.
Why are you switching to a GTO frame? Really nice garage you have there. :thumbsup:
Why are you switching to a GTO frame? Really nice garage you have there. :thumbsup:
Actually my frame is pretty solid but I stumbled across this one for $500 locally and it is spotless! I welded in repair washers into mine and it has a couple patches I am going to redo. I figured I would sell mine in great repaired condition and use the other. Thanks for the comment on my garage! It is my favorite room in the house!:beers:
More progress, Shortened frame fit great!

Secured to solid donar frame!

Dissected rocker out. P.I.T.A

Donar rocker installed

Heres what I started with

I'll keep posting progress in this tread so stay tuned!:thumbsup:
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Thanks for taking the time to put them on, thats how we learn, you do good work:thumbsup:

Thanks for the feedback guys!:thumbsup:
Impressive, I look at what you are doing with enthusiasm for the efforts I have in front of myself PLEASE keep the picture coming! Your car will have TONS of pride in it when you are finished, that is what I respect about DIY!

Wow, looks like you will be busy for some time.
Wow, looks like you will be busy for some time.
I hope to have the shell in epoxy and sitting on a completed chassis by spring. We'll see what happens!
where did you get the new sheet metal from?
where did you get the new sheet metal from?
Goodmark 7 piece trunk. Goodmark quarter skin(came with car) Middle and front floor brace came with car(not sure what they are). Inner and outer wheelwells are Goodmark. Donar inner and outer rockers.

Your doing a fine job. I used the rockers from Goodmark and anyone with a 64~67 should know they fit perfectly if they need to purchase as I did (I have a 65' coupe). Your lower cowl area looks just like mine did or lack there of. I'm starting to get excited as I'm about to begin the bodywork after roughly a year of metal replacement. Keep the updates coming....
Matt and Tim, thanks for the feedback! I have some good momentum going so I am going to keep pluggin away. I took yesterday off though to drink beer and cut grass. November and the grass is still growing???????????????
UPDATE: Out with the cross bracing and in with the rockers.

The driver side rocker is about 1/8" in the front but other than that they seem alright.

Door gaps look good.

Ordered rear seat pans and floor brace yesterday! I figured since everything else is being replaced why not? I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING.:D All this money and its not even an SS. Stay tuned!
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You are doing awesome work. It is great to see the classics getting saved. I have a 64 that isn't as bad as yours, but I know what you are saying about "replacing everything". It is really easy to get carried away. Mine isn't an SS anyway, but when I am done it will be a clone (not a bad word anymore).

Keep up the good should start a photobucket album for your progress. That is what I did

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