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Procedure for detent ball and spring

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Hey guys,
I'm near the end of my rebuild on my Muncie M20. What is the best way to install the detent ball on the spring in the tail housing? I've tried several methods. Including, compressing the spring with a small screwdriver. I also tried this guys "shoe horning" method to no avail. Near the bottom of the page. Nothing has worked. This has been actually the toughest thing I have done on the transmission. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you!:thumbsup:

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I believe that years ago I did it using one of those paper thin feeler gauges. Did one when I was about manual. I was too dumb to know better than to dig in without a manual and I did NOT take out the counter shaft...just new syncro assemblies but it worked when I put it back in my buddies 68 GTO.
Well, I went out again, I thought maybe I should use a couple of more feeler gauge tabs. It worked like a charm!:hurray: It took me all day and yet, it only took me 5 minutes to think about doing it this way and it worked great. I might just invest in one of those tools though. Thanks guys!:thumbsup::beers:
Glad it worked out... even happier that I can still recall doing it that way. That happened in 1969 or 1970. No joke here I did that Muncie with no manual. I just took it apart carefully laying everything out on the bench in the order things cam out / off. As some baseball player from the distant past said "If ya can do it ain't bragging". Satchel Page I think.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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