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Problem with voltage regulator

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what is the voltage regulator for?
What does it do?

Some smoke came out of my voltage regulator, during the engine was running.
I turned the engine off, removed the connector, and started the engine again.
But, I think the battery is not charged anymore. Is this right? Can I drive without an voltage regulator.

How can I find out, whether it is out of order or not?

When I want to buy a new one, what is important?

At rockauto I found those: (for a Chevy Impala 350 cui 1970),carcode,1048845,parttype,4884

What do they mean with 37, 42, 61 Ampere?

At harmons I found this: &s3=0

Here they write something about the ampere of the alternator?

What do I need? Is it specific for the alternator? If yes, how can I find out the ampere of my alternator?

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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