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Problem with voltage regulator

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what is the voltage regulator for?
What does it do?

Some smoke came out of my voltage regulator, during the engine was running.
I turned the engine off, removed the connector, and started the engine again.
But, I think the battery is not charged anymore. Is this right? Can I drive without an voltage regulator.

How can I find out, whether it is out of order or not?

When I want to buy a new one, what is important?

At rockauto I found those: (for a Chevy Impala 350 cui 1970),carcode,1048845,parttype,4884

What do they mean with 37, 42, 61 Ampere?

At harmons I found this: &s3=0

Here they write something about the ampere of the alternator?

What do I need? Is it specific for the alternator? If yes, how can I find out the ampere of my alternator?

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I learned a LOOOONG time ago, that when you "let the smoke out" of parts, especially electronics, they dont work anymore!!!!

Sorry........I couldnt resist..........I still laugh at that when we talk about regulators, alternators, stuff that is electrical.

Again....Sorry, I know that you are in Germany, but there are so many great people here that can help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck
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