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Pro Systems or Quick Fuel

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I posted a while back asking which carbs. to get for my boss's 600 Hemi Ford, since it a little out or league in terms of tuning. We first called Pro Systems and they actually recommended two 1050's. Next we called Quick Fuel and without telling them what Pro Systems said, they recommend the same thing! Do you guys have any preference on who builds the carbs? There is about a $400 price difference. Thanks
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Lance Patton is who I use. Lance was at Reed for many years and has forgot more about carbs then most will ever learn. His number is 678 984 0106 and tell him Chris Straub sent you. Most don't know this but John Reed and Reed Carbs was one of the innovators in this area.
19Nova72 said:
Chris, you guys actually custom built the oil pan for this motor. The truck is a '61 Ford, but it has a Chevelle front clip so the pan had Ford rails, but a Chevelle base. That was a nice piece, its even polished now! I'll tell my boss to give Lance a call, thanks.

Thanks, we appreciate the support. People ask us can we build. . .and I have learned from Joe, the owner, "We'll build whatever you want to fit what you want." Glad you liked the pan. Lance can handle what you need.
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