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Pro Systems or Quick Fuel

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I posted a while back asking which carbs. to get for my boss's 600 Hemi Ford, since it a little out or league in terms of tuning. We first called Pro Systems and they actually recommended two 1050's. Next we called Quick Fuel and without telling them what Pro Systems said, they recommend the same thing! Do you guys have any preference on who builds the carbs? There is about a $400 price difference. Thanks
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Nothing for or against anyone. Patrick is one of the nicest and most helpful people anywhere in the industry. The Quick Fuel people are ex Holley engineers and have a first hand knowledge of their internal workings of their carburetors. Niether of the two tuner carbs i have bought from two highly advertised people have worked right. Other people have had great results from both places but our cars just didn't like either carburetor. I've know a man who got a pair of carbs. to use on a tunnel ram and they worked perfectly, even the idling was right on and they were done by Quick Fuel. That being said, the stock Dominators have worked best on my son's car and it wasn't even close.
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