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Pro Street project

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Just thaught i'd share some pics of my current 70 Chevelle molly tube Pro Street project. If your building or have a Pro Street Chevelle i'd love to see some pics. And any details if you want to share.
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The only thing left of the Chevelle is the roof and 1/4's. Everything els will be fiberglass and aluminum. I'm hoping to get it to waigh 2300 lbs with a big block and TH400. It was a 307ci rust bucket to start with, so no harm done.
I think it will be 25.1, isn't 25.2 tube chassis with stock front frame? I went with A arm front because I want a nice ride for the street, and I wanted something I could build myself that was different from the normal strut front end. I did look at Morrison street struts before I started, and almost went with them. (very pricy) I had a Super Gas Camaro with struts and for strictly racing it's the way to go, but I wouldn't want to drive that car on the street. I built the upper c/a's myself and baught the lowers from bears. Also this car will not look like one of those chassis kits I see all the time. Just trying to be different and make it my own way. I will admit getting the bump steer to 0 was a bit tricky though, during construction I said to myself a few times, I wish I had gone with struts.
1 - 5 of 8 Posts