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Pro/Career painters, What can you tell me about this color (03 Dodge code PRH)?

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Pro/Career painters, What can you tell me about this color (03 Dodge code PRH)?

Hey guys. I was thrumbing through the chip books at the local paint store, and I came across a color that I thought I might like to paint my Chevelle. It's an 03-05 Dodge color, called "Blaze Red Crystal Pearlcoat", code PRH (also seen it as ARH). Upon seeing the name of the paint, I ask the counter attendant if it's a 3 stage paint. He assures me that it is just a base/clear application, and gives me a price of $200/gal.

I was shopping around at different stores pricing the paint, one store said it would be $531/gal unless I bought all the supplies for the paint job from there, and then they would charge me $322.01/gal, they also said that it did not come in a single stage paint (not that I'm after a single stage). The next store I called said the base/clear style at their cost is $322, but told me that it DID come in a single stage, which was cheaper (interesting). The first place I went to (that quoted me $200/gal), told me that there was too much pearl in that color to make it a single stage. Hmmm... Interesting...

I jumped online and did some research on the paint, some dodge sites said it was a 2 stage, some said it was a 3 stage (consisting of the Base, a pear clear, or tinted clear, then clear)...

There is also more than one color (that is different) using the same code (PRH), which is called Inferno Red Crystal Pearlcoat (early on), which was later changed to Inferno Red TINTED pearl coat (same code PRH)...

So I'm curious as to if the Blaze Red Crystal Pearlcoat if actually a 2 or 3 stage paint. I'm kinda scared that if I order the Blaze, I may end up with the Inferno (which I don't like), because they are both the same PRH code.

Would some pros shead some light on my situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Pro/Career painters, What can you tell me about this color (03 Dodge code PRH)?

Sounds like from the name it requires a pearlcoat which is basicly a candy coat but rather than red or green its a pearl color. Meaning that it is see through. Not an actual "clear coat" as you call it. Basicly you are looking at 2-3 coats of color another 1-2 coats of the pearl coat and then you clear it. More expensive than a typical two stage or base coat clear coat system but delivers a nice deep finish. Seems like you have talked to a few people who were less familiar with this particular color than they led you to believe. Good thing you decided to ask here. I am sure somebody on here may have even dealt with this very color and will be able to help you further.
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