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Price check/opinion on 1970 LS5

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Today while driving in the southwestern part of VA (pretty rural) I stumbled upon an original owner 1970 LS5 Chevelle. The car isn't currently for sale, although he seemed interested when I talked to him about selling. It is a Baltimore built car (01C I think). It has the following options: LS5, M22, door edge guards, am/8 track, posi, pwr steering, CI, and gauges. It is a matching drivetrain car, and has full paperwork, including POP and window sticker. The buildsheets are more than likely still in the car, as the interior is original. It is Cranberry red, black bench, and black stripes.

The car is a 20 footer, needing paint (1 repaint in 1976) and has small amount of rust behind rear wheels. The car has many "Day 2" mods and to go back stock will need a new dash carrier (original has aftermarket gauges installed) and a few other items. Interestingly it does retain the original "Muncie" shifter...I'm not well versed on LS5 prices, so I'm trying to get some opinions. What is the current market on no A/C, 4spd, LS5 coupes? part of other post..The car has original door panels and emblems and they are "SS"...This makes sense as most LS5/LS6 cars from Baltimore that I've encountered have the B22 option. The guy ordered the car in Nov. 1969 and was told about the "soon to be released" LS6. He had to drive the car about 20 miles to work and thought the LS5 was a better choice..He traded a 1966 tri-power GTO on the car, and took delivery in Jan.
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Thanks...I was figuring around 30k as the car will need items and more than likely will not be framed off when done. Curious that A/C isn't a much sought after LS5 option for most..I would have thought it would be to differentiate from the much more desirable LS6. I know LS6's in non-framed off similar condition are bringing at least 70k, with special cars bringing much more ;) but haven't really kept abreast of LS5's.

Anyone else have a car bought at Bob White Chevrolet in Martinsville, VA?
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