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pre-fabbed Sheetmetal for trans tunnel?

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Getting ready to do the major hack/slice to fit the T-56 into my 70 here. Wondering what's the best way to approach the reconfiguration of the trans tunnel in the floor for it?

I know I'm going to have to raise the tunnel about 2" to make room for it. So I was kind of thinking about just cutting it down low, all the way around, raising it and welding material in to fill the void areas.
That way I'd also keep the original tunnel contours/shape so (maybe) I could still run a console.?

But then again, seeing as I'm probably not really going to be running a center console, and in the interest of making life easier I was wondering if anyone sells a pre-fabbed tranny hump/tunnel that I could just weld in over the hole and be done with it?

Also can anyone running a T-56 tell me how your carpet fits after doing the necessary floor surgery?
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The stock console conforms to the top of the transmission tunnel. If you cut the top off and added metal to the sides you could use the console. Would have to add to the front and back also.

I don't know of anyone who has a prefab tunnel but there may be.
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