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I have two (71-72) wiring hardnesses for power windows. One came with power door locks, the other with power bucket seat.
I plan on using all these options on a '72 and add a power seat back release.
I will use the harness with the power seat because the power seat feed was made with the PW harness. So I will add the power door locks and seat release to this.
Is the power door lock harness totally separate from the PW?

What's the small round connector with pin connectors on the door lock harness?

Where does the power door lock switch mount?

Where does the power seat back release get it's feed?

The voltage feed came from the fuse block through the large orange with black tracer wire. There was a three way break out to power other options. Is there anything under the hood that I need?

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Emailed you some information. May answer a question or two but not all of them. Best I have.
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