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power steering identifcation and disc brake conversion

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whats up guys, ok so im still learning little by little about my car (69 chevelle) and older cars in general, im sure this is a stupid question for some but not for me. looking at this picture

can you tell me if this currently has power steering, and how to tell?
and for disc brakes is a master cylinder and power booster required? because the front has disc brakes but the rear does not. im sorry im just confused:confused::confused: with this and im trying to learn. will someone with patience and time explain to me all of this, i would appreciate it very much! thank you
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That's not a power steering gear box. PS box has threaded ports on top for the fluid lines.
Also it does not have power brakes since there is no brake booster behind the master cylinder.

I see that someone removed the factory air-conditioner plenum, patched the hole in the firewall and installed a heat only plenum.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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