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Power steering hoses&fittings

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Hello,I'am putting a stock G.M. power steering setup in my 1969 Chevelle Malibu with a 350 motor.My question is on fittings on the pump & steering box. Is there a fitting that goes on to the back of the pump that the high pressure line hooks to?And is there special fittings that go on to the steering box,What years will work on the fittings on the box and where would a person find these fittings?Local parts stores where I'am from don't carry these items. Thanx Jerry
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The stock fitttings are flare on both ends of the hose with a taper fitting in the box and on the connection on back of the pump. The pressure hose for a '69 has a female nut on the pump end and male nut on the box end. In '70 they went to a pump connection that takes a male nut on the hose there.
A rebuilt pump is around $60 at the chain auto parts stores. I'm guessing the high pressure hose fitting is included but not sure. If you get a rebuilt pump with reservoir (around $70), some reservoirs are a generic design that don't look original and may not fit the funky '69-only bracket design. The ones at Autozone (at least they were a couple years ago) are the correct reservoir design.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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