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Power steering brackets

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Ok, Im ready to buy the new brackets for my motor. I have the alternator bracket picked out but the power steering bracket is puzzling me. The 350 I having in the car now has the two holes drilled and tapped in the fron of the block on the drivers side, down next to the balancer. The 400 block that is going in the car doesnt have those holes drilled, sooo......
Does anyone use a power steering pump bracket that attaches in a different way, without using those two holes? I would prefer to have power steering, but if it is going to require anything that is too much of a PITA to get those holes drilled, then I just wont run the power steering. You guys that dont have those holes drilled, what did you use?
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I already have a long water pump on the motor. and the heads came drilled from Dart so the alternator shouldnt be a problem. I have headers on the motor, will the adjuster that goes from the exhaust manifold to the motor mount bolt work for my application? do you know of a bracket set up that doesnt require mounting the adjuster to the header and motor mount?
not sure its a Proform water pump, here is a link to it, not sure what the differences are, as I dont have another one to compare it to
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