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Power steering brackets

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Ok, Im ready to buy the new brackets for my motor. I have the alternator bracket picked out but the power steering bracket is puzzling me. The 350 I having in the car now has the two holes drilled and tapped in the fron of the block on the drivers side, down next to the balancer. The 400 block that is going in the car doesnt have those holes drilled, sooo......
Does anyone use a power steering pump bracket that attaches in a different way, without using those two holes? I would prefer to have power steering, but if it is going to require anything that is too much of a PITA to get those holes drilled, then I just wont run the power steering. You guys that dont have those holes drilled, what did you use?
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either drill and tap those holes in the block, or go to a 68-75 long water pump setup. the PS pump hangs off the water pump, and on some cars the adjuster runs from the front exhaust manifold bolt down to the motor mount bolt.
the only trick might be mounting the alternator if you don't have the hole drilled in the passenger side head.
it's easy to make a spacer to hook the stock PS bracket to the header- just mock it up and cut an old alternator spacer down to the right length to take up the space and use a stock exhaust manifold bolt on the front of the header.
what style of long water pump do you have? the early 68-75 pump has the pivot hole for the PS pump drilled all the way thru and is the cleanest looking and easiest to adjust, and the 76-87 pump has the hole threaded for a different pump bracket setup that's more complicated and uglier. the mount for the upper alternator bracket is in a different place, as well- i think the later version has that boss farther back than the older version, so the upper alt bracket is different, as well.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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