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Powder Coating Wheels ?'s

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Is it OK to have steel wheels powder coated over urethane high build primer or any other primer? Thinking of changing plans and having the wheels powder coated black rather than just painted black and then the outside painted the body color.

Is it OK to then scuff sand the exterior surface of the wheel and then have it painted with an urethane enamel? Will the urethane stick?

Thinking the powder coating should be better overall and then I could painted to outside the body color I want. Thanks.
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Thanks, just talked to the powder coater yesterday, he talked about a zinc primer and then a top coat, I suppose that zinc coat is a special type of power paint, then the top coat.

Guess I will scratch that idea, and go ahead with urethane black over the full wheel and then paint the outside body color with overspray as I planned.

I've got another set of wheel disc brake wheels with a 1.00 offset that I can use for the Mags if I go that way.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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